Update #2 - Providing Shelter From Conflict

Gary Silver works in property investment and development in the UK specialising in large scale community development and urban regeneration. He was so incensed by the violence unleashed on Ukraine that he has been travelling to Poland with a group of friends Sandra, Olam Andzela, Giovanni and Martin to help relocate displaced Ukrainian people. 

They’ve been providing them with transport, temporary accomodation, money and other essentials. His efforts have snowballed with the UK music scene and property companies and they’ve raised over £150,000 and now have taken over a hostel where they are providing refugee for a large number of families. 

We were able to help fund the hostel for 2 weeks, secured a Starlink internet connection and 6 laptops for people to use to stay in touch with family back in Ukraine or find further help.  You can see Gary and some of the team in the images below with several families they are helping (who gave permission to be photographed to help raise awareness for their country).  We’re hoping to help Gary’s team extend the funding of the hostel to at least 6 months and then fund further hostels to help many more families like this. Can also also specifically give to their fundraising here