Update #3 - ICanHelp.Host

ICanHelp.Host is a platform connecting displaced people with places to stay, created by a dedicated team of volunteers in response to a humanitarian crisis caused by the invasion of Ukraine. Most of thier team are originally from Belarus, where they actively participated in protests of 2020 against the regime and have had to leave the country to escape imprisonment.


We’ve been able to secure a mainstream PR campaign for free to help them recruit more hosts across Europe, and have paid for the costs to add another 7000 hosts on top of the 5000 they have already recruited. 


They can help Ukrainians fleeing their country to find a temporary home in Europe. The initial idea was proposed by the Obama Foundation* Leaders Farhad Shamo Roto, a survivor of the 2014 ISIS genocide and the founder of Voice of Ezidis, and Nick Antipov, a Belarusian LGBTQ activist and the co-founder of the organization MAKEOUT, who drew on their own experiences as refugees to respond to the crisis in Ukraine. 


The ICanHelp team is guided by a deep commitment to human rights, gender equality, and inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable minorities. They are grateful for the support of the many people across Europe who share theoir hope for peace and democracy and are willing to open their hearts and their homes.


If you have a spare room or home, you can help host at ICANHELP.HOST